We are a health institution which imports and exports products related to day-to-day health care from 2004 and is the producer and practitioner of these products at the same time.
We manufacture and sell "Foot Scan Terminal" software. We develop projects in universities and work on the academic field with our team specializing in walking analysis systems. We are counseling hospitals about new centers of gait analysis that we deserve in our country.
With accurate pressures and accurate step measurements for the athletes, we are working to prevent sports injuries. At this point, we can prevent muscle and joint damage.
Thanks to our high-tech equipment, it is now easier to reach our special orthopedic base. You can make your foot analysis in our dealers in Turkey. With your fullbalance base you can get comfort and health faster.
Our headquarters also serves as a center for walking analysis.
As a result of the walking analysis, our specialists report the kinesiological assessment which your doctor needs.