What is the analysis of walking?
Walking analysis; Is a method that helps physical examination and other diagnostic tests in the evaluation of walking problems. Inspection of factors such as pressure, torq, moment, force, which provide joint movements, and investigation of factors such as velocity, acceleration, and gravity linear velocity which constitute angular magnitudes.

Are applied with the walking analysis?
Walking analysis is not required for a specific group of patients. It can be done for everybody who needs it, but there are some diseases or accidents that make it necessary for the patient or the victim to do this analysis.

Cerebral palsy (congenital muscle spasm)
Spina bifida (congenital spinal and spinal disorders)
Spinal cord injury
Hemiplegia (partial paralysis)
Leg amputations (leg cuts and absence)
Muscular dystrophy (muscle diseases)
Inflammatory and degenerative joint diseases
Head trauma secrets
Multiple sclerosis
Arthroplasty (joint prostheses)
Sports injuries
Patients with impaired pressure (Pes Planus, Pes Cavus Vs.)

Evaluation of walking analysis
The measurements made with the camera devices can easily compare the pre- and postoperative state of the person with a special software. The data from the system is converted into graphics. As a result of our measurements by our orthopedic physicians and Orthotic Prosthetists, the kinesiological evaluation of the patient is issued as a report. Obtained results and graphics are archived as data.

Full Balance Foot Scan Terminal

With LED technology, the patient's foot is scanned within two seconds; Keeps patient information for you. Fullbalance is prepared for you by sending the necessary data to CadCam program.





Determination of load distribution data and dendrite measurements are performed at the foot floor.


Gait analysis, which reports the pressure distribution at the foot floor and measurements of walking gait, determines ankle problems, power balance and coordination data. Walking disorders in children and adults are transferred to the digital data cnc program of foot problems. The walk is recorded by 3D cameras and a walk analysis report is generated by specialist physicians.

It is used for specific tests and performance data for the athletes.
Rehabilitation patients are performing gait disorders in hemiplegia gonatrosis, spasticity, cerebral palsy, hip and knee joint problems. The results are evaluated by a specialist physician.